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Mamas Alliance Urges More Corporates To Extend Support To Rural NGOs

There is a desperate need to channel funding to community organisations and NGOs within South Africa’s more rural areas. This is according to German More, a Fundraising Consultant at CSI Agency MAMAS Alliance, who reiterates that poverty within so many

3 Side Effects Of Volunteering That Will Make You Better At What You Do

Make no mistake: it is a wonderful thing to do a good deed purely for the sake of helping someone else – this is altruism at its best. But, if that same good deed that helps another inadvertently benefits you

Engen Helps Zininzi Get Behind He Wheel

Contracting Tuberculous Meningitis as a 10-year-old may have left Zininzi Mpurwana paralysed but the go-getting East Londoner has refused to let her disability define who she is, choosing instead to use it to be more creative and content in her


A group of students from the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business have initiated a novel campaign to draw attention to the stigma surrounding mental health that prevents many men from seeking help when they need it the most.