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INMED celebrates World Health Day

Today, 7 April, millions of people around the world are highlighting the significance of World Health Day. This year the theme is “Our planet, our health” and the World Health Organisation is focusing global attention on the urgent actions needed

Let’s Not Just Celebrate World NGO Day: Let’s Actively Support Our NPOs

Every 27 February, people around the world celebrate World NGO Day, and the people that work tirelessly to contribute to society all year around. This year, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on just how essential the non-profit organisation

International Childhood Cancer Day (15 February): Early Detection Can Save Lives!

Of the 800 to 1 000 children that are diagnosed with cancer in South Africa each year, more than half tragically go undiagnosed. Dr Charlotte Ingram, Medical Director at the SA Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR) says SA has among the