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How Do We Get Our Youth Future-Fit? Reignite Their Sense Of Wonder, Says GWF

As we celebrate Youth Month, the question on many lips is: how do we unlock the potential of South Africa’s youth? According to Good Work Foundation (GWF), a non-profit organisation operating mainly in rural Mpumalanga, we need to rekindle the

Exciting Things Happen In Rural Education And Employment – When The Ecosystem Is Right

By Kate Groch Founder, Good Work Foundation Every child is born where they are by chance, not by choice. This frequently has a lasting impact on their educational and employment prospects – and future. But it need not be so.

Engen’s Computer School continues to offer hope to job seekers

Another group of job seeking South Durban residents have had their chances of securing employment boosted after completing free computer skills training offered by the Engen Computer School.  The group of 60, who enrolled in June and graduated in late October, are

Engen pledges another R1.25m to Caring4Girls

Another 5 768 female learners across South Africa will receive feminine hygiene hampers this month courtesy of a R1.25m investment by Engen, ensuring that no school days are missed due to monthly cycles, especially in the build up to the year-end