Young Township Creatives Show Their Talent In New Work For Metropolitan GetUp

Metropolitan GetUp, the fintech arm of the financial services giant aimed at a younger and digitally-savvy consumer, recently commissioned the Youth Content Collective (YCC) to produce a series of digital assets for the brand. 

The project was one of the first briefs submitted to the YCC, which aims to develop young township-residing creatives into ‘micropreneurs’ at scale; helping them to monetise their talents while delivering on the business community’s need for fresh, authentic creative assets. 

The Brief

Berniece Hieckmann, Head of Met GetUp, says that the brand was looking for two things: “Firstly, we needed a large batch of images that we could use on social media on an ‘always-on’ basis, to bring our brand messaging alive.

“There is a distinct lack of authentic South African stock imagery available to brands. The images available on stock image libraries tend to be very European – both in terms of the models and the styling – and do not represent or resonate with a South African audience. 

“We sought imagery that embodied the youthful vibrancy, optimism and complexity of GetUp’s customer and believed that YCC was the perfect body to deliver on this brief.”

Secondly, the brand sought the creation of a video to showcase its Funeral Fusion product.

“We were also looking for a snappy, engaging digital video that would succinctly tell the story of our Funeral Fusion product, which merges the benefits of multiple funeral policies into one cohesive solution.”

The YCC Process

On receipt of the brief, YCC’s central team called on its member base for submissions. A shortlist was created for both the photographic assignment and the video production. 

Photographers were able to make selections from their existing portfolios or shoot new images to fulfil the brief. Ultimately 250 images were submitted from which the brand selected 50, paying for those images used. “We requested a series of edits on certain images to better align with our CI and were thrilled with the final product, says Hieckmann.

“YCC ensured that the model release and usage rights documentation was in place. The process was mainly smooth and seamless – and, in fact, far less onerous than what we’ve experienced in the past when engaging traditional advertising agencies.”

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