Mobile Science Lab Set To Boost Western Cape Science Ambitions

Western Cape’s love for science in vulnerable communities continues to be nurtured through PPC’s partnership with the Department of Basic Education. Over the past 5 years PPC’s science education program has made 33 mobile science labs available schools across South Africa with Saxonsea Secondary School being the next recipient. Valued at R155 000 each Mobile Science Lab empowers the teachers to encourage critical thinking and problem solving while adhering to COVID19 regulations. 

The mobile science lab will be used by grade 10 – 12 learners in Saxonsea Secondary School. Incorporating the technology and science to conduct experiments needed in South Africa’s high school syllabuses, learners have the opportunity to gain a closer look at the world. With teachers trained by Smart labs, the supplier of the Mobile science labs, the Western Cape’s science ambitions are well on their way to being realized.

Rigardt Visser, PPC Area Manager: Country Districts explains, “Education is one of our core focus areas. No matter how disadvantaged the students have been, we strive to provide relevant tools to help them excel and achieve their dreams. The lab will help both the educators and learners with the improvement of science teaching experience, learning and consequently assist with the improvement of pass rates”. 

In recognition of the lack of equipment in our schools, the business’ efforts have been a welcomed contribution in the school as school leaders have been working to innovate their teaching to ensure that the learners are well placed to complete the academic year.  The mobile science lab encourages the learners to realise their potential and will assist with improving their science experience  

“Our teachers are keen to expand their capabilities in curriculum support as we work to bolster their learning environment in line with COVID-19 guidelines. While we have been speaking and educating our learners on the importance of understanding the science behind the measures we have in place, the mobile science lab provided to us by PPC will also help to enhance science teaching experience, learning and consequently assist with the improvement of pass rates in science”, said Mr. Claassen, Principal at Saxonsea Secondary School.

“We are in awe at the changes in learner behavior and attitude towards science through the introduction of the mobile science lab. We are keen to see this change take place at Saxonsea Secondary SchoolOur commitment is to continue to build stronger communities in the socio-economic development of South Africa, particularly in the communities in which we operate,” continues Visser.

As a 100% local company that provides 100% quality cement and materials, PPC’s ongoing engagement with the communities it operates within has propelled the business to empower the community to experience a better quality of life. Taking the lessons that have come from operating in South Africa over the past 128 years, PPC remains optimistic about the opportunities that exist in the socio-economic landscape and our education system.

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