Why Donating Is Just One Way To Support Charity

When you think of supporting a charity, what do you think of? A: Putting money in a collection bucket (real or virtual), B: Setting up a recurring monthly donation or C: Volunteering? They’re all great options, but according to Jannie

Water Activist And Ultra-Marathon Runner Arrives In South Africa

Water activist in SA on her way to the UN Johannesburg, 27 July 2022 – Water activist and ultra-marathon runner Mina Guli, is in South Africa to complete the Africa leg of the RUN BLUE campaign. South Africa has a

Creative To Give You Paws: Tractor Takes WOOF Project’s New Campaign To Drive Dog Adoptions Nationwide

If it’s true that dogs sometimes resemble their owners; then somewhere there must be a mutt that has Elvis’ slick moves, Eminem’s street cred, and Beyonce’s fabulous mane. WOOF Project has brought this possibility to life, with a fun new

MANCOSA Academic Shame Mugova Is Also An Author

When MANCOSA academic Shame Mugova is not engrossed in work related to the higher education institution, he is busy researching and writing books. To date, he has co-authored two books, in addition to contributing chapters and articles to other publications.

Job Shadowing Opens Doors To The World Of Work For Youth From Disadvantaged Areas

Grade 11 students from Christel House South Africa, a non-profit no-fee school in Ottery, Cape Town, recently visited a number of organisations as part of their job shadowing programme. The school offers no-fee scholarships to students from severely under-resourced communities